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Osiscup - Futsal

Here my school, we have a program called OSIS CUP. It just like a class meeeting in the other school.
But there are some different between classmeting and osiscup. as long as I know :
When there is a classmeeting in other school , it will be there is no lesson anymore. I mean a day full with classmeeting.
But in our school, there is OSIS CUP or not we still have a lesson as usual.
In other school classmeeting is held after we had an exam
But in my school Osis cup is held after the time for school is up. Because of that Osis cup need more times to decide who's the winner. Guess what ? Osis cup is held in 3 weeks . haha.

Not like a classmeeting that held in just maybe 2 3 4 days.

Now I will share photos of futsal game and basket ball games. Actually the one who captured this photo is Syahda but I have permitted by her to share this all :D

syahda is a girl between the boys :D

Actually I dont watch that Footsal Match because I was being an adjudicators of english moklet debaters competition :D I just wanna share the photos who has taken by Syahda :) This is it

Futsal match
X networking 3 VS X programming 1
what things do you kic for ? haha. where is the ball -_-
the ball is just like attached to Ade's foot
Look at Daus's Expression :D
Flying ball Edition 1
Flying ball Edition 2
Flying ball Edition 3
Flying Ball Edition 4
Flying ball Edition 5


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