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Osiscup - Basketball

Hi i'm coming back still with the same theme as my previous post. :D

Now I will share a photos of osis cup basketball edition :)

Look behind me :3 There is a rainbow. I deliberately sharpen this picture to make the rainbows look more clear :D

When I was take a break, I smile in front of syahda's SLR. --v

this picture is also taken by syahda

That picture is a photo when Leli *my friend will be shooting a ball :D

Actually from the start we dont sure to be a winner because just 2 girls who joined basketball extracurriculler but as you know we need 5 players to play this game. And guess what ? our rival is come from second grade,  there is more girls who can playing basketball well. So we as a team have a trick, Leli is a tall girl have a task to stay under ring.. So she can easyly shooting a ball trough the ring to get point.

and the other should try to attacks and survive. Wahaha My english still bad. --v

by the way did you understand what I'm talking about ??
this is lely .. A girl who make 8 point for us . whee

this is alby with rasyid hahaha

Always there is a flying ball

the last photos :D


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